Ornamental Iron Driveway Gates

Custom Fence Company of Collierville is the ornamental iron gate vendor of choice for hundreds of mid-southerners because of the security, convenience, quality and craftsmanship evident in our gates.  Majestic and timeless - nothing confirms success like an ornamental iron entry gate from Custom Fence Company of Collierville.  Residential or commercial - just imagine your property adorned with distinctive and decorative ornamental iron.  Available in a large variety sizes, styles, options, colors and finishes to match any landscape - our ornamental iron gates are designed for years of low-maintenance service.

Driveway Gates

Make a statement and secure your property with an ornamental iron driveway gate.

Driveway gate features-

  • Sizes range from 9' - 20'+
  • Designs from simple to elaborate
  • Can be motorized for convenience
  • Gates can be single or double

Walk-Through Gates

Walk-through gates provide a point of access to your property through your fence or wall.  These gates make an excellent addition to your fencing project to add beauty and utility.

Walk-Through Gate Features-

  • Sizes ranging from 3'-6'
  • Designs from simple to elaborate
  • Can be made to meet US pool code
  • Provide quick and simple access points