Pre-Cast Concrete Fencing

Designed to resemble dry, stacked stone, the deeply defined stone impressions give a warm appearance, are maintenance free, and available in a variety of colors.  Throughout the day, shadows cast by the sun meet in the recesses of the deeply defined stone impressions. The result of combining the warm ambience of "dry stacked" stone with economical and lasting precast concrete panels is, in a word, elegant.

Using steel and fiber reinforcement, this wall system will fulfill any requirement for an attractive, maintenance free wall.

Pre-Cast Fencing

Never worry about replacing your fence again.  Install long-lasting, maintenance free concrete fencing.

Pre-Cast concrete features-

  • Little to no maintenance
  • Same texture on both sides
    • "Good neighbor" fence
    • Neighbors can share cost without loosing out on appearance
  • Warm appearance
    • Can be stained any color
    • Cast to mimic stacked stone
  • Long-lasting- will not warp or rot